Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are technical documents serving as the primary information source on potential hazards of a substance, and providing recommendations on safe handling. These documents cover detailed information on health hazards, fire, explosion, reactivity, personnel protection equipment and special precautions data for each product. They should be read carefully before handling any gas products.  
  Acetylene   Helium
  Air   Hydrogen
  Ammonia   Methane
  Argon   Nitrogen
  Carbon Dioxide   Nitrous Oxide

Safety is our top concern.
Throughout all our storage and distribution operations, our entire team recognizes the importance of safe handling and usage of different gas products. 

Our fully equipped laboratory and our attention to the testing, inspection, and maintenance of cylinders insures that we pass on a safe product to our customers.

Certification and compliance with international standards, properly trained and qualified personnel, and the latest technology in our field are our responsibility to our community and the environment.



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