We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our firm to you, as we are very eager to supply you with any of your requirement of industrial Gases. We are one of the major gases manufacturers and suppliers in the U.A.E, and our own transport is capable and is reaching all over the U.A.E.

# Our Products List Includes:
01 Oxygen (Industrial & Medical Gas and liquid, High Purity)
02 Nitrogen (Gas and liquid and High Purity)
03 Acetylene (Industrial Grade and High Purity)
04 Argon ( High Purity and high pressure)
05 Carbon dioxide  
06 LPG Gases  
07 Hydrogen  
08 Helium  
09 Refrigerants (Ozone friendly)
10 Ammonia  
11 Compressed air  
12 Diving Gases  
13 Special Mixtures Gases, Calibrations and Research Gases.  
14 Hydro-testing and Certifications of Gas Cylinders.  
15 Welding equipment, Accessories & Safety accessories.  
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